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The Management Board

Dr. Juergen Elschner

Juergen initially studied industrial engineering at the Technical University in Darmstadt, before switching to basic research at the Faculty of Physics at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main. He focused on the transfer, conversion and storage of solar energy by experimentally determining the constants of photosynthesis (Institute of Physical Biochemistry and Colloid Chemistry). He received his doctorate Dr. phil. nat. by the Department of Organic Chemistry for his investigations of the dynamics of electronically excited states in molecules.

His professional career started with Digital Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of technical/scientific computer systems. He learnt the "trade" of sales and marketing, especially large and major account management. For two decades, he practiced consultative selling for various companies and in a wide range of positions - from European start-up of US companies to member of the top management circle of a SIEMENS AG (SNI) company. He advised customers on the introduction of new technologies, which usually had a major impact on their internal structures and processes.
Always with the focus on "translating" the features of the technology into benefits and advantages for the customer's core business.

Ultimately, he was drawn back to his old specialism - energy. He moved to Erlangen and worked for Areva / Sofinel. Both as an external auditor / consultant and as a permanent employee, he was involved in EPR projects worldwide. He specialized in numerical, dynamic structural analysis utilizing existing FEM methods and developed them further. For example, to automate validation in accordance with the relevant regulations.
Or to optimize the verification of conformity according to RCCM, ASME, KTA, EU - regulations, some of which were written long before the existence of modern methods such as expert systems (AI) - with the help of these modern methods.

Finally, Juergen founded Nuclear-Technology-Consult together with Klaus Brumm. With the aim of continuing to provide his knowledge and experience of both the technology and the business processes of large customers.

Klaus Brumm

After completing his studies in theoretical physics with a degree in physics (1978),
Klaus started his professional career at Siemens Kraftwerk Union, a subsidiary of SIEMENS AG.

Until 1989, his area of responsibility was the development and application of technical mechanics and fluid dynamics.

Changing his business area to Fault Tolerant Computing he continued working for Siemens another 15 years.
In parallel, in 2001, he founded NTC Nuclear Technology Consult GmbH.
His return to Siemens resp. AREVA / Sofinel in 2006 meant a complete return to the nuclear industry.

His specialisms: "Nuclear Safety Analysis" and "TOPICAL REPORTS".
For many years his area of application was locally in Finland and the UK as well and in 2020 he sold the German NTC. Together with J├╝rgen Elschner, again he founded a consulting company again called NTC Nuclear Technolohy Consult (near Hamburg) in 2023.
Finally, in 2024, another consulting company of the same name was founded in Finland (Rauma).
He sees his tasks within NTC in licensing issues for new builds and in SMR concepts to make his contribution to green energy.

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